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Let me bring you up to date since your a newbie BisonMan.

We have not had a site functional software update in years......as in 7-8 years. Our software was not top drawer to begin with.

We were bought out by the Canadian firm Verticalscope a few years ago. They have no interest in this site other than as a means for selling advertising....which apparently has dwindled to nearly nothing. They are not interested in selling this site.

VS owns hundreds of small forums like us.....and use them all to sell advertising. We are all well aware of our many shortcomings as some members and mods have been members from the inception of haytalk or longer than 10 years.

This is our third owner, and by far the worst. You will adjust if you hang around long enough.


Regards, Mike
Guess that is why I got no response from the contact us section!
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