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Yup that is good old TAMU academic force.

Actually California's Alfalfa Blog is one of my favorite sources. That and their Proceedings of their alfalfa and forage annual seminar. They have most of the printed scripts, Also the vidio recording of many of the presentations.

Kentucky also has a good printed proceedings.

There are some other annual proceedings from other states but are more difficult to find and these have their information pulled in a year or so.

I have had Texas Extension insist it is impossible to raise alfalfa in the Texas Blacklands Including the Blackland Research Station in Temple.

The Soils people tell me 140 to 160 is a high enough not to need additional potassium Fertilizer. Well HERE the soil test needs to be between 400 & 500 ppm K for enough plant analysis for K.

I have seen literature that insisted the poison from 2 blister beetles will kill a horse. Bovine Scat!
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