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Vermeer Rebel 5410

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I have smaller tractors (45-50 HP PTO) and have always square baled. I'd like to move to round bales due to difficulty in finding help with the squares. I bale 50 acres a year as a hobby farm, 2-3 cuttings a year, so my volume is pretty low. I've read good reviews about the Vermeer Rebel balers. I found a used one for sale a few hours away from me. It doesn't have a bale monitor and the guy also bought it used, so there isn't a total bale count to know how many bales have been run through it. But he just did maintenance, belts re-laced, replaced bearings, and it looks to be in pretty decent shape. It also has net wrap. The guys is asking $12,500 for it. Photos attached. Looking for some insight about the general condition of the baler based on these photos, and if the price is worth it? I appreciate any input before I pull the trigger.

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