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Are you tired of rained on hay? Do you need to get your forage out of the sun or out of the bad weather earlier? Are your sunny windows just too short to produce the quality hay you would like to produce and which the market requires?

Do you need TOP quality dry hay because you are a hay grower and vendor or perhaps a farmer producing TOP quality milk and/or a cheesemaker? Do you have horses, goats, sheep, cows that need to be fed dry hay and no more silage?

Are you selling hay to the pet market and want to make a difference in quality to be always competitive?

Watch some of our videos and see what clients, press, TV in North America say about our hay bale drying technology "Hay Dryer, Compact":

Our customer - Jasper Hill Farm/Cellars at Jasper Hill, Vermont

Press release Jasper Hill Farm:


Interviews with Jasper Hill Farm, Vermont:

Radio Interview "Animal Feed - Why does it matter" (Heritage Radio Network)

with Mateo Kehler, Owner Jasper Hill Farm, VT:




Burlington Free Press (VT):


For more videos, visit Hay Dryers Compact on YouTube:


Have a good Hay! :)

Your AgriCompact haydryers Team

AgriCompact Technologies GmbH, Germany

we deliver hay bale drying solutions. always. also in north america.


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My 2nd cousin was crop manager for Andersonville Farm, Sadly, he succumbed to a tractor accident 3 weeks ago!
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