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Transmission work on the MX150

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The forward clutch started dragging on this tractor. Hydraulic pressure test verified that there was zero pressure on the F circuit in neutral so that almost certainly means the forward clutch is burned and warped. So now we get to do a rear trans split to renew the F clutch, most likely do the R clutch at the same time. I will try to post pictures as I go.
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M20-2 is one of the two normal fine pitch threads for metric, used in Europe and UK. The other fine pitch is 1.5 which I think is more common in Japan, China etc

Some dingbat in CIH thought it would be cool to spec M20-2.0 for the holes under the transmission housing.

Actually, this tractor hasn't started the season yet. The clutch took a dump last winter and I have finally started on it. Will need it in 6 weeks or so.
We have more metric hardware available in Canada than in the US but still can be a pain. Most of my bolt collection is small sizes of Japanese fine thread metric, which is useless working on anything but Japanese cars it seems.

EDIT And my big buckets of heavy equipment metric hardware that is European thread. Bought out a shop that was closing and got 200 lbs of mixed metric bolts. Leaves me with a bit hole between m12 and about m18 sizes where you have to try 5 stores to find a fastener in stock.
Obviously not your first rodeo with that splitting stand!
Well nice job planning, lots of home splitting gear not near as thought out.
Can you get a mobile pin welder guy to drop in to build it up and rebore it?
1) I agree mostly but can be a pain in future for someone else to work on with non-standard parts. Not a huge deal though.

2) Will work but you're right, huge pain to clean/weld oil impregnated cast.

I suppose but

1) why not just cut the bore oversize in the first place as the bearings to do so are readily available and the bore will have to be re cut anyway if it is welded up and

2) I'm not sure it will work to weld a bore in an iron housing.
1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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