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I have a individual wrapper and the main reason I don't use it more is the labor aspect. As a one man show making hay as far away as 30 miles from the farm its hard to do any sort of volume in a day.

Its nothing for me to bale up 200+ dry 4x5.5 bales in an afternoon and then haul them home over the next few days.

If I bale it wet I absolutely have to haul them the day of baling AND get them wrapped sometimes 50 bales in a day can be a struggle for one guy.

Also a few years back I wrapped a bunch of hay at my 2nd farm. I didn't go over there for 4-5 weeks as I didn't have any cows there. Well the raccoons, coyotes, bears, wolves, or whatever tore the wrap up on 60% of the bales so I ended up piling and burning almost 200 bales worth of moldy garbage.

So while baleage has feed quality advantages, it has numerous disadvantages as well.
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