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Goodevening everyone,
This winter I'm planning on working with a machine shop to manufacture and install a reverser on our MF 2250 for backing out plugs. I've had to pull plugged hay out of the feeder a few too many times to enjoy it anymore :). What I'm wondering is, would anyone be interested in buying a field install reverser kit if we would start manufacturing them to sell? Or perhaps you know of anyone who sells a kit? I was not able to find any with a Google search.

The plan we're working on would be a simple setup and hopefully quite affordable. Thinking of using a hydraulic hi-torque motor with an overrunning clutch connected with a belt drive to the baler flywheel. It would run off of an extra tractor remote. When you plug the baler, you would disengage the PTO and and use the hydraulic remote to back the plug out of the feeder. The goal is to have it be a relatively easy field install without any drilling or fabrication on the baler. Would there be a market for something like this if it was in the $5,000 to $6000 range?

Also I'm putting a little thought into designing one that could run forward and backward by hydraulic power. Would be useful for small tractors that have difficulty starting the baler (have the hydraulics take it up to 200 rpm or so and then the PTO can take it from there), and you also could use it for knotter trouble shooting. (run it through the tie cycle slowly on hydraulic power)...

So anyway, what are your thoughts? Is this something there would be a market for? Is the price reasonable? Any design ideas/improvements?

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