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I will never understand a horse owner and their hay preferences. Insist on green leafy hay during the season, but are happy to purchase rebaled hay later, regardless of quality. The process of rebaling can not help but shatter additional leaves. A round bale just naturally shatters more leaves than a small square baler, with optimal conditions for each.
Besides, that is a lot of extra work for what we get.

If the horse owners knew anything about hay they would not look at 75% the hay sold as Horse Quality.

But shoot there are some cattlemen who are as ignorant of what constitutes quality hay as the horse fraternity.

Elsewhere there is a, I presume dairyman, who believes color, smell, & feel are a better indication of Dairy Quality. Like buying a Pickup with a pretty paint job, nice leather seats, and a Briggs & Stratton lawn mower engine.
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