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Off set disc size for JD6200

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Inquiring for a friend. What sized offset disc will a 2wd 6200 reasonably pull-8'? Or is the rule of thumb, 10hp per foot? Thanks.
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Entirely depends on the disc itself. A heavy disc with big blades it will struggle with a 4-6 footer.

Neighbor has a heavy 12' that takes all of my 200hp mfwd tractor on duals to pull.

Heavy offset tillage disk its closer to 20hp per foot.
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It depends on the soil too. Light sands, light pulling, wider disc. Heavy clays, heavy pulling, narrower disc.

It also depends on how deep you want to cut.

Should be fine with 8ft on flat ground. MFWD would be a huge plus.
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I pull an old , very heavy ,18 disc International offset. The disc were originally 24" and fairly worn now. I have a JD6220 2WD. It does fairly well but would not want any more load. iIam usually in bottom land so it is usually axle deep too.
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