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After reading Chets plans for the winter, I found a list for those off-season safety checks...

1.) Inspect the tractor-baler combination. Make sure all shields are in place, especially the Power Takeoff (PTO) shields.
2.) Invest in a 5 lb. A: B: C fire extinguisher...recommended as part of your tractor equipment.
3.) When working on this equipment, chock the baler wheels, use jack stands, lock the tractor brakes, and remove the ignition key...please block those loaders...they are deadly
4.) Thoroughly clean the baler to remove any accumulated field trash or other debris.
5.) Lubricate all parts according to manufacturer's recommendations.
6.) Carefully check for loose or missing nuts, bolts, screws, guards or bent teeth.
7.) Replace missing guards to prevent accidental contact with the components they guard.
8.) Replace bent or missing pickup teeth to ensure effective feeding of hay into the feed rolls.
9.) Inspect all belts or chains for evidence of wear or breakage. Better to replace now than in the field.
10.) Maintain belt tension according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
11.) Belts that must be spliced should be trimmed and laced squarely.
New belts should be checked periodically until they are broken in and length has stabilized.
12.) Before replacing a belt or chain, consult the operator's manual for instructions on securing the upper chain or moving load from the belt tension springs.
13.) Make sure the hydraulic hoses are clean and in good repair and hooked up correctly.
14.) Check the twine feeding and cutting mechanisms to see that they are working properly and that your twine is in good condition.
15.) Check the slip clutch, roll scraper and rear gate latch to make sure they are adjusted and functioning according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
16.) Check all lights and warning reflectors/tape, and clean your slow-moving vehicle emblem (those new one are are reflective for a few dollars more)...those magnetic flashers are a good inestment if hauling a long distance
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