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If the small triangle on the left side of the screen is pointing to net then the missing actuator is not causing the problem.

Some one probably replaced the net actuator with the twine actuator but did not calibrate the pot after installation.

Press and hold the open book button until the alarm sounds. The button below the on button. You should see a 1 on the left side of the screen and the programed bale size on the right. Press and release the open book button and the left number will now be two. Continue to press and release the open book button until the left number is 13. With the actuator extended the number on the right ideally would be between 20 and 30. There is some leeway, You will use the + and - buttons to calibrate. Press and hold one of these buttons until the alarm sounds. If you see any thing pop up on the screen you are pressing the wrong button. Press and hold the other button. If the alarm does not sound then you are out of the calibration range. You think I could remember which button to push after all the balers I have calibrated. No harm is done by pressing the wrong button.

If the extended actuator will calibrate, then retract the actuator fully and press and hold the opposite button until the alarm sounds to calibrate the retracted position.

There is also a precut position to calibrate. Extend or retract the actuator until the lower net spiral spreader roll on the duckbill is parallel with the stationary spiral net spreader roll. Press and hold the # wraps button until the alarm sounds.

if at any time you see 255 you have a pot or wiring problem.
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