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NH bc5070 baler

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Just recently bought this baler and am having trouble getting the bale tensioner cylinders to move. Gauge is registering pressure and the gear oil reservoir is full. I removed a hose at one of the cylinders and oil did come out. Looking for ideas on how to get the 2 cylinders on the bale chamber to move. I didn't see a relief valve on the parts diagram and couldn’t locate one. Any ideas appreciated.
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Disconnect the cylinder and see if the mechanism is froze up.
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Another possibility is the bale tension cyl piston packing has failed. Which hose did you loosen when you struck oil?
Thank you both. Our plan was to disconnect the cylinder tomorrow and test. We did take off the hose closest to the piston that controls the side tension of the bale chamber. Once we did that and drained some oil we got a reading on the pressure gauge which we hadn’t originally. BOTH pistons still do not work. The oil seems old so the plan tomorrow is to also flush the system. Any ideas are welcome and appreciate. Thanks.
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