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I agree, it’s very mesmerizing to watch and listen to the Haybine go. Not as fast as a discbine but I still mow at 5 mph and if the field is smooth enough I could go 6 in second cut. Mowing for me is relaxing and maybe the funnest part of haying.

In memory of the 488 going into retirement I feel compelled to share some of the videos I’ve made with my 488. The first is with a new 16 yr old operator who’s mowing like a boss but has music overlay. The second video is view from the seat with the sound of the equipment. You can hear how smooth it runs even with that thick, tall first cut. RIP 488.

Great videos. Probably a dumb idea but I have thought about switching from the small disc mower to a haybine. I found a 488 but it isnt nearly as nice as yours.
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