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And the changes in farming continue. We became a dealer when the transition to haybines from sickle bar mowers began in the early seventies. They were the greatest thing since sliced bread and we sold a bunch of them.

By the early eighties the tonnage coming off the hay fields began to overwhelm the abilities of the haybines and we started selling Vicon to meet the needs of the hay growers.

In 1986 NH introduced the 411 and sales for discbines and haybines were about equal for us. But as yields increased the writing was on the wall for the haybine.

By the time the introduction of the 1411 came in 1996 haybines sales were a thing of the past. I can think of only two being sold since that time.

Not all areas of the country are the same so haybines we’re still being sold in other places, but less and less each year.

I feel like I have seen the birth of a game changing machine and the death of an old friend.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts