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New Holland 640 baler

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What are the good and bad about these balers? Found one for sale a few hours away it is twine tie been in the shed its whole life and looks really good in the pictures. Can you add net to them? What are things to look at on them? How many pto HP needed to run one? probably do less than 100 bales a year with it. has the monitor manuals and some spare parts with it. Don't know anything about new holland balers or round balers in general
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Thank you. Baler looks super clean in the pics. Terrain is mostly flat round. Would like the 4x5 and 4x4 bales if we can make them smaller.

Here is the description:

New Holland 640 Round Baler 4x5 bales, twine tie, extra wide pickup. Done with baling, I'm getting too old to handle the heat.
OBO, serious offers only. Great shape, field ready, see images.

In-cab controls, some small extra parts (belt connectors / shear bolts, etc.) and user / service manuals included.

Didn't know if it would make a good starter baler for my son
Thank you. It isn't a dealer its on craigslist, so have to take that into account. It is in our price range and I wonder if it would be a good starter baler for my son. We might go look at it next weekend and see how it looks. Thank you for the info
Is the 640 a hardcore baler? Looking at a vermeer rebel also that just popped up
Thanks guys. Just trying to get my son a baler. Yes net would be nice but we can’t afford one yet. We have found a Vermeer 5400 for $6K the New Holland 640 for $5700.00 and a JD 430 for $4K.

The JD is the closest and cheapest but has been sitting outside

The NH looks to be well cared for and is about 2 hours away so it would be a little bit to tow home
But it’s been shedded and looks in good shape

the Vermeer is the highest but newest baler and looks in good shape. It is also about 2 hours away in the other direction. Not sure how it’s been stored.
My son has quite a bit of ground he can pick up to round bale he could wait and save his money and get a net wrap baler next year but is taking a chance of loosing the ground because when people get someone doing it they don’t like to change. So kind of what he was thinking was get a baler to use that would also be a good spare baler when he upgrades.
My neighbors 457 rd baler has been sitting outside ever since he purchased it new about 15 yrs ago. I prefer my rd baler to be in barn when not in use. JD 430 rd balers make a good bale of hay when properly operated.
A 457 has just popped up also. It has net wrap and 13K bales on it. The 430 sold. Thats the thing stuff around here goes fast. Makes it hard when you need to research stuff to make sure it will work for ya
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I may be wrong but many Vermeer's are built with intent to install net wrap down the road if it is desired. Not sure how much that’ll cost, but that’s something to consider talking about with a Vermeer dealer.
There are a few Vermeers popping up a nice 555xl for 10K but I think we want a 4' wide baler. I am researching these balers too they seem to have a good reputation
KurtS1 thank you. It says a 60hp tractor to pull it and mine would be about max on that but we wouldn’t be doing over 100 bales a year starting out. The guy is asking $5700 for the baler but it is stored inside and looks clean and well cared for. Might go check it out this weekend
Thanks. I have a Hubota M4-071 and my son has a Massey 175 diesel we have found a 640,650, and a 658 just not sure if we have enough tractor. Our land is pretty flat. Don’t know if I would be better looking at a Vermeer 504 series or not.
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