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Net wrap for Krone Vario Pack 1500

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This is my 2nd year.with this Vario Pack. When I first bought it, it had a roll of netwrap in it that would stretch out over the bale almost like cover edge. It was white with blue stripes in the middle. Have been using the Magic Blue, and it doesn't seem to stretch over the edge. Also likes to catch on the rotor, so I'm wanting to try a different brand. Book says I have to use 48" net. Any recommendations on a net to use that will stretch? Have thought of trying JD net, since I have a dealer close by. Thought about measuring some 51" to see if it would fit, but not very likely to work.
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I use and sell Pritchett netwrap.48” or 64” on the 5’ wide bales goes to the edge well.


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