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Welcome to my thread on New Holland equipment repair and other information you may find of some use.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please start a new thread on the machinery forum or PM me. This will make it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for. Please, do not post questions here or in the following posts.

I have worked on New Holland equipment for 50 years. With retirement beckoning in the near future my goal by starting this thread was to share some of the knowledge I gained over the years. I have seen many an experienced technician retire and their knowledge lost.

As you scroll down this first post you will find a table of contents with links to each post on this thread.

The following posts reflect how I work and the process I am comfortable with. My way of doing things is not the only way. Regardless of how you choose to work on your equipment, always practice safety first. Wear safety glasses, ear protection and any other safety equipment that is required to do a job safely. Read your operators manuals and follow the recommended procedures for safely working around the piece of equipment. In many of my posts on the round balers you will see the tailgate open. Always lock your tailgate before entering an open bale chamber.

I have posts on tools I have made to make a job easier. You are free to copy those tools, but only for your personal use.


Table of Contents

Round Baler

BR and Prior New Holland Belt Balers

Roll Service

Take-up arm roll service 4x6 & 5x6 Balers .

Take Up arm roll R&R 4x5 & 5x5 Balers
Take Up Arm Roll Service 4x5 & 5x5 Balers Update https://www.haytalk.com/attachments/repairing-take-up-arm-rolls-on-five-foot-tall-balers-pdf.92527/

Sledge frame and roll service

BR Stationary Roll Repair
600 Series 5 x 6 Round Baler Belt Drive Roll Service
Removing Top Tailgate Rolls
Overheating of the Stationary Roll on 700 Series BR Balers
Replacing the Sledge Roll Idler on a BR or Roll Belt Baler

Auto-Wrap and Twine Systems

Auto-Wrap Does not Trip or Trips Late
Auto-Wrap Trips but the Tying Process Does Not Start
Auto Wrap Recycling

Twine does not Cut
Update Twine does not Cut 9 16 2017
Twine Tubes do not Return
Timing the AutoWrap System

Net Systems

Net not Cutting or Cutting Cleanly

600 Balers
600 Balers Update 8 13 2017
BR Balers
BR Actuator Stalling
Removing Net Spreader Roll from 600 Series Balers
Insufficient Net Coverage on BR and Roll Belt Balers
Sharpening Net Knives
Troubleshooting Flow Chart for BR Net Error Message
Changing the Profile of the Duckbill Net Knife Activation Slot


Belt Tracking
Preparing Round Baler Belts for Lacing


Chain on Left Side of Wide Pickup Comes Off
Removing Wide Pickup From 5X6 BR Baler
BR 2.0 Wide Pickup with Center Support Bearing Repair

Pickup Removal
Disassemble Stuffer
Preparing Stuffer for Assembly
Install the Stuffer

Electrical Diagrams

6?0 Round Balers

6?0 Full Bale Alarm
6?4 and 6?8 Balers Bale Command Plus

BR Round Balers Bale Command Plus

BR Full Bale Alarm With Bale Shape
BR Full Bale Alarm Without Bale Shape
850 Electric Tie Wiring Diagram


BR Baler Starts Wrapping at any Bale Size
Bale Shape Indicator Bars do not Go to Bottom of the Scale after Ejecting a Bale
BR Baler Operator Panel Will Not Turn On or Alarm Sounds Continuously and No Buttons Function

General Information

Follower Roll Scraper Modifications
BR Baler Preparation
External Alarm for Roll Belt Baler

Roll Belt Balers

Wrapping Systems

Fault Codes
Strange Problems with Net System

Net will not start/shreds

Chain Balers

Repairing bale Air Tension System

Small Square Baler

Hay dog service

Knotter Repair Part 1
Knotter Repair Part 2
Knotter Problems

Twine Comes Out of Needle Eye
Replacing the Pickup Drive Belt 565, 570, 575
Replacing the Knife Arm Roller Retained by Peening
Adjusting Plunger and Knives 500 and BC Series Balers
Small Baler Slip Clutch Specs


Constant Velocity Driveline and Repair
Removing, Disassembly, Assembly, and Installation of a Discbine Cutter Bar

Part 1

Part 2
Repairing a Disc Cutter Bar Module

1411, 1412, H7230, H7330 Bevel Gearbox Failures
1411, 1412, H7230, H7330 Bevel Gearbox Repair
Separating the Cutterbar Where the Drive Shaft is Stuck in the Pinions
Repairing the Discbine Roll Drive Gearbox
Removing Cutter Bar Drive Shaft from 9 and 10 foot Discbines

Replacing Left Lower Roll Bearing on 9 ft and 10 ft Discbines

Weasler Brand Over Running Clutch Repair

Disc Mower

Hooking up a Disc Mower
Hooking up a 3pt Hitch Disc Mower Update

Sickle Bar Mower

Replacing Outer Shoe Ledger Plate

Roll-a-Bar Gearbox Repair

Tools I have made

273 and 310 Feeder Bushing Removal Tool
Hay Dog Spring Installation Tool
Round Baler Roll Bearing Removal Tool
Stub Guard Alignment Tool

Standard Guard Alignment Tool

Skid Loader

Skid loader will not Start
Starting Circuit Wiring Schematics

LX and Early LS Models with Metal Instrument Panels
Late LS Models with Plastic Instrument Panels and LS.B Models
Early L100 Models with Rectangular Work Lights
Cab Upgrade L100 with Vertical Work Lights

Wiring Schematics

L200 Air Conditioner Wiring Schematic

Injection Pump Timing

Timing a LS180, LS190 for Injection Pump Removal

Grinder Mixer

New Holland Grinder Mixer Information

How I ......

Remove Sprockets and Pulleys from Tapered Shafts

General Information

Slip Clutch Maintenance

Sealed Bearings with Locking Collars
Constant Velocity Driveline and Repair
Replacing Shafts in Metric Drivelines


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