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MoCo tires

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My old JD1209 needs a tire. 26x1200-12. All I am finding are turf tires, rib ones are not in stock except on Amazon. Will turf tires work? The MoCo is used on flat fields, so no worry about it sliding sideways.

Alternately I could tube it, but I am finding tubes with multiple fits and not 100% sure that a 26x12-12 is the same as a 26x1200-12.
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I don’t see why a turf won’t work unless you’re comparing a 2 ply turf to a good implement tire.
Well the standard tire is a 26x1200-12 4 ply ribbed. Locally not available but the turf tire is. ITs like what you find on a zero turn or garden tractor tread.
not 100% sure that a 26x12-12 is the same as a 26x1200-12.
They are the same. 26x1200-12 should be written as 26x12.00-12.

I hate tubes. Exclamation point.
Why not buy from Amazon if they have it?
If the tire is usable and just wont hold air, I would put a tube in it and let it ride. All these small tires come from China nowadays and my experience is that they hold air for 2-3 years and then start leaking air through the sidewall. I also would not put a sealer in the tire to get it to hold air. I've tried 3-4 and haven't found one yet that doesn't ruin your wheel.
I would tube it. A lot of agricultural tires are tubes. I tube my tires when they start getting skanky.
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What luck, was at Fleetfarm to get a bale counter and just for the heck of it, checked their tubes. Online showed no tubes in that size, but there it was sitting on the shelf, the tube I needed. $26 compared to $170, such a deal.
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