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I have a 2011 Massey Hesston 1745 Round Baler that we purchased new in the same year. On average we bale about 400 rolls per year. This past year, I notice a SIGNIFICANT drop in bale density. For example,on a field small that averaged 25 rolls, it was now 50. (With no change in tonnage). Baler is barn kept and in
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GREAT SHAPE. Belts are good and tight. Hopefully you can see in pictures that I have an inch or 2 of travel left on my threads to tighten up bale density springs. (I haven’t done that yet). My main question is, could the bale density hydraulic tension system be on the outs? There is no way to adjust this system. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Our local AgCo techs are great, but admittedly here in central FLorida they are more keen on row crop and citrus implements and equipment. Thanks in Advance!
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