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More than likely you've got an internal leak that developed in the hydraulic density circuit. The way the system works is that the springs will pull down the tension arm after a bale drops then as a bale is made and the hydraulic cylinders extend they have to bleed pressure over the relief valve; this relief pressure is what controls your bale density.

More often than not a cylinder develops an internal leak and the pressure will leak off faster than the cylinder moves, leading to a loss of density. About the only way to diagnose it is to buy a "recharge" kit which is just a pair of hydraulic hoses that you attach to the two quick couplers on the baler (one is next to that valve block). You then hook them to a tractor remote and use it to cycle the cylinders. Usually this is done to bleed any air from the system.

If you toss on a pressure gauge and start using plugs to isolate the system you can usually track down where the leak is. For instance, plug off the hoses to the left cylinder, charge the system with your tractor remote and check for pressure leaking off quickly. Then do that to the right cylinder. If both cylinders check out then it's probably the relief valve.

That said I would just pull the relief valve first and check for any debris in it. However it's a closed circuit system so more than likely that's not the culprit.
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