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Let’s talk rakes

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So we will be adding a round baler this year probably a 4x5. What is a good rake to look for? We have 2 NH56 side delivery rakes now and want to speed up raking time we will also be doing squares so we can keep the NH56 for that or use the new rake. So educate me on wheel rakes, the v rakes, and the Vermeer type that look like 2 side delivery rakes raking together.
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Thanks guys. Mowing with a NH 7’ disc mower for now. Going to upgrade that next year hopefully, and plan on a Tedder this year if funds allow.
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If your rakes are decent you can do what I did. I needed to speed up raking and already had 2 IH 15 hay rakes. For about $300 I built a sliding pipe hitch for pulling the one rake behind the other.
I had to make a Dolly wheel but that wasn't hard. Works great too. If you are in heavy hay just pull the pin and use one. They pull straight behind each other for down the road.
I wanted to go to a V rake to be able to make two rows into one but the tractor I use doesn't have another gear but road gear so it wouldn't be any faster for me compared to pulling these two. And it was much cheaper. I can get more pics if you are interested. I used U bolts so I didn't need to weld anything.
That might be a good idea if nothing else just to get us by this year. One of his rakes has a dolly wheel already too. I would like to see some more pics. I like good Fabrication job
Fellas we are in northwest Missouri and my son is building a hay business and we are adding equipment as funds allow. A Tedder (which I have never used) is on the list along with a round baler. He also wants to upgrade square balers too. And as you know the list goes on. We are also trying to learn about managing the hay fields and how to make them of better quality. We also need to look into leases because he is getting ground to put hay up on just to bale it but he wants to bale good quality hay and is willing to put some inputs in just wants to make sure he gets the hay. We appreciate all the help
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