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Three years ago I was in the market for a new trailed mower and, coincidently, I also had it narrowed down to a Vermeer TM800 or a Kuhn GMD3150TL.

Vermeer Cons

The Vermeer trailed mowers have an angle at the tongue and use a universal joint just aft of the tractor's PTO. This arrangement allows for okay right-hand turns - as long as the turn isn't too tight. Making a left-hand turn is another story, it takes about an acre to make a left-hand U-turn as the unit cannot turn very tight to the left at all. Sharp turns result in driveline chatter and rear tractor tires rubbing the mower's tongue.

Vermeer Pros

These units can be operated with the mower directly behind the tractor. Useful if there's a need to mow narrow strips.

Kuhn Pros

The Kuhn trailed mowers use a straight-on hitch and have a gearbox directly behind the tractor's PTO. Kuhn calls this their "Gyro Swivel Hitch". Very sharp turns can be made in either direction with no driveline chatter and no tractor tires rubbing the mower tongue.

Kuhn Cons

These units cannot be operated with the mower directly behind the tractor (unless you purchase the wide-angle aft CV-joint option, another HayTalk member mentioned in a previous post that this adds another $1K - if I remember correctly).

Because it's much more maneuverable than the Vermeer (IMHO), I decided on the Kuhn and have been happy with the unit. As for being unable to operate the mower directly behind the tractor, I wasn't aware of this limitation until after the purchase. I do have a narrow strip - about 250 feet long - that's been taken out of production. It just gets mowed with the rider now. Not enough land to justify the added cost of the CV joint.

Hope this helps.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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