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Krone AM283S is it worth fixing?

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I got a Krone AM283S that still works ok but it is in need of some serious attention as it has leaks out of both gear boxes, hydraulic cylinder, a few on the cutter bar, and also after it sits for any amount of time something locks up and I got to get it broke free but runs fine afterwards. So I know I need to replace the seals and I’m assuming bearings but after looking at the parts diagram it’s showing that pretty much all the gears and some parts are no longer available. So trying to decide do I just keep using it as is until it blowers up and part it out or take it apart and repair the seals and bearings. I’m just afraid that once I get it taken apart that I might find a issue with a gear or something that is no longer available.
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It won't be an easy fix, the bar does not split. All gears slide out the gear box end. Krone is very good equipment and they are extremely proud of there parts, more so than most. I had one and 6 years back the cylinder kit was $190. So price what you need first and go from there. Had mine for 19 years and when all those things started going out it went to trade in. Also had a 281 that locked up like you described, you have metal or something in that bar so before you do anything drain the bar oil and look and go from there.
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