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John Deere 466 round baler error

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Just after a bit of advice. Went to use our 466 yesterday and as soon as we turned it on. It came up with ‘wrapping started’ and a alarm beep a never ending beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. But the stop alarm wasn’t on. Everything else on the monitor worked fine.
Put it into ch 14 to try to move the knife and it wouldn’t move (hoped if it moved it might reset this weird error)
If I disconnect the wiring harness to the baler, the same thing happens.
Knife is in home position.
If I press wrap it doesn’t move the knife
I put a bit of wire into the actuators terminals and a battery and it moved forwards and backwards fine.
All I can think of is the monitor could have gotten wet in some storms recently. I’ve popped it into a bag of rice in case.
Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Thankyou in advance
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Welcome to this forum.
I was thinking if monitor isn't connected to hay baler wiring harness that monitor wouldn't function correctly so your thoughts on water intrusion might be correct. I'm guessing that from some of your statements you have monitor is set in netwrap mode. If my guess is correct have you attempted to change monitor to twine wrap mode? Does your 466 have regular or mega-wide pickup? Yrs ago I purchased a new 466 with MWPU. I like my 467's MWPU balers much better
Is it channel 15 that shows voltage? Is it possible you don't have enough? That's the problem I had with my 566.
So update guys
I bring good news.
I decided it was a moisture thing. There’s minimal good support here is Aus for John Deere so I decided to put it in a bag of rice. I did that for a week in the hot hot Aussie sun and tried it just now. Turned it on and no error. I know it’s early to celebrate but I thought someone else could find this update useful 😃
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Congratulations on utilizing a bag of rice to gather any moisture that might have been in monitor. Thank you for updating your thread.
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