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John deere 430 twine arm not activating

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Hello folks.
The manual (pull rope) twine activator does not work.
Today the twine did not activate at all with a full bale.
After I check the switch (on the "bale size" bar) to make sure the circuit is completing what should I look at next?
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430 twine operation requires no electrical connection to operate. Twine wrapping on 430 is all mechanical. Please post a photo of your bales twine pump linkage similar to photo below.


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thx. printing and delivering advice.
With the help of a YouTube video, (thank you, Obie Acres) and Tx Jim original information about the Idler pully, I think we're ready to go.
After lifting the back gate about half way to engage the pump, we could see that the belt was not engaged when the #46 pully was turning.
Turned the tractor off and started moving things around and checking springs.
Something moved/got unstuck! (I still have all my fingers.) Now the parts are moving much more and there is tension on the belt! Yay!
Hope to get the baling done tomorrow!


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My suggestion would be dry operate baler engaging/disengaging twine pump mechanism by raising tension arm to engage twine pump belt, operating pto to cycle twine tube then after twine tube returns to home position cycle gate to hopefully reset twine pump mechanism
No joy.
Baler loaded and kicked out a bale, which was weird because I've always manually opened gate to let bale out after twine wrapped.
The yellow light on the monitor never lit.
Looks like the original JD hydraulic pump.
JD rd baler has no capability to automatically eject a bale before or after twine wrapping is completed! I suggest you check for a burnt element in bulb in location of yellow light
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