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JD 337 timing

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We have a JD 337 baler we just bought used. We did already bale some just to test it out and made same decent bales, rebaled loose straw. Had to replace some parts on it, mainly the brake disc and pads. Got them replaced and now working on getting it timed. There are a few things unclear about. Going by the service manual, the forks measure about 11 1/2 inches with the plunger sitting at a certain point, which is at the range limit. Says to remove the feeder drive chain to adjust. Since it is at the range limit, would I be better off adjusting that?

On the needles, it says the needle should be at the bottom rail and be 1/2-2 1/14 inches from the plunger head face. Does that mean at the very bottom on the rail(red circle) or to the top of the lip on the bottom rail(blue circle)? If it is at the very top of the rail, it looks like it is close to flush with the plunger head face. With the needles in the home position, where should they be sitting at? Currently, ours are sitting at the bottom of the rail.


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I would leave feeder fingers where they are set. Point of needles needs to be even with ""upturned channels in bottom of bale case"" with plungerhead is coming rearward on compression stroke. As you stated needles need to be within 1/2''-2-1/4'' away from PH face. PH & stationary knife could use some touching up with flap grinder.
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