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Introduction- Hello everyone, I’ve been a Haytalk member since 2018, but the forums would never allow me to post until now! So I have been reading and absorbing the forum up until now. I am in Michigan by the Ohio border and I am a new farmer. I’ve been developing my farm for 5 years now. I reached a milestone and planted some Timothy last fall and I just got done planting some Alfalfa/ Timothy last weekend in my second field. I have never done hay before. I have been collecting all of the equipment over the last few years and have been doing lots of reading on soil, and maintaining the crop and making hay. I am very excited to get my first cut of small square bales. I understand that haying is an art and a science. I am using older equipment and I like my older equipment. I am up for the challenge. It’s good to finally be able to post. I have a lot of questions and I look forward to joining in the conversations.
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