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Hi guys,

I am trying to figure out what my Inland 4000 is worth? Its a grey frame with all the hydraulic cylinders replaced, the hydraulic rotary motors were doubled in size and the rear lift cylinders were also doubled in size. I just put all new tires on it this past year with 10ply instead of the standard 8ply. I use it to haul 24 3x3x8 bales per trip.

The arm does require attention as it is starting to curve out, I am thinking of replacing the main hollow structural steel with slightly larger to match the black frame models as well as increase the wall thickness to 1/4". I am also going to redo to the rear lift to increase its strength probably replace the two main arms that run the length of the tilting lift with HSS with 1/4" wall thickness. All in all I figure that fix will run me $2000 to $3000 in steel and welding.

For the unit as is i was thinking $14,000. What are your guys opinions?
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