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I started working as a sheperd about a month ago. I was told to keep the sheep in an unfenced plot, and the nearby plots belong to someone else.

What I currently do is run around the sheep, which works for about two hours before half the sheep go to one edge of the field, the other to another edge.

The herd is about 200 sheep and I can not run fast enough to be in both places at once. I was not supplied with a dog. The flock owner seems comfident this is possible, but does not explain how.

What would you do in my place? Any advice?
Shalom! I’m quite amazed running 200 sheep without fence. The only sheep grazed without a fence That I know of are ones that graze large national forest lands. They have 2 dogs and shepherds per 1000 sheep who watch after them. I’m not sure how sheep do with poly wire but I’d try it out. It’s not that expensive and easy to install.
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