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The squares were mine. Almost 1700 at I'd say an average price of $5/bale
ok since you have two different arrangements, some rolls and some squares,

lets convert them to pounds and im going to do alot of guessing here
lets suppose your 5x5 rounds are 1000 lbs, and
lets suppose your small squares are 50 lbs.

260 rolls x 1000 lbs = 260,000 lbs
1700 squares x 50 lbs = 85,000 lbs
345,000 lbs total

75.36% of your yield weight is rolled
75.36% of your cost is :18,500 x .7536 = $13,941.6
so $13,941.6 divided by 260 rolls = $53.62 Cost per roll

24.63% of your yeild weight is squared
24.63% of your cost is: 18,500 x .2463 = $4556.55
so $4556.55 divided by 1700 squares = $2.68 Cost per square

so, profit analysis:

if you sold an average price of $55 per roll and $5 per square.

Profit equals:
Rolls $55 Sale - $53.62 Cost = $ 1.58 Profit per roll x 260 Rolls = $410.80
Sqaure $5 Sale - $2.68 Cost =$ 2.32 Profit per square x 1700 squares= $3,944.00

Rolls $410.8
+ Square $3,944.00

Year's Total gain before factoring "equipment replacement/wear progression" = $4,354.8 Profit per year.

Self suggested fault finding in my own calculations:
These calculations assume that it takes the same work/cost to roll hay, as it does to square it, and that's not likely at all.
So, the squares very likely have a 20%* or so higher cost of production than rolls by weight, as a rough guesstimate.

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Now I'd be curious to see what you'd get if you used manure instead of granular fertilizer. That's what I do. I'm sure that adds another angle to everything due to the cost of feeding but in the case of cattle the manure its a free byproduct you need to move anyway. Is it as good as the fertilizer? I doubt it but if you make money on the cattle over the hay you feed then it seems like a good solution too.

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Winter feed the cows on the field, 100% of the manure is on the field and no cost in scraping, piling, loading, hauling, spreading the manure.

I have cattle and move little to no manure every year.
This right here would make things much more profitable for producers feeding the hay they produce.

My problem is hay ground is nowhere near our cattle. The pastures sure are getting healthy! 😂
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