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Figuring Cost per Roll

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Prop Tax
Equipment Insurance
Net wrap

What else is there?
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Equipment planned maintenance (normal stuff oil, grease, filters, blades, etc)
Equipment unexpected repairs (bearings, belts, tires, cutter bars, gearboxes, etc)
Equipment purchase

Just to add a few more....
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How does anybody afford to feed cattle at the prices you guys mention ~125 a bale?

UP here in the frozen north hay sells for less than half that price.
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Winter feed the cows on the field, 100% of the manure is on the field and no cost in scraping, piling, loading, hauling, spreading the manure.

I have cattle and move little to no manure every year.
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Mine either lol. All my cattle are pastured on ground I own and I rarely make any hay on that ground. I make 99% of my hay on rented ground and haul all those nutrients to my home farm and feed cattle on pasture there.
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1 - 4 of 47 Posts