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Electric fencing for goats?

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Hey everyone!

I'm looking to start getting some goats on my plot of land. A lot of my friends and people in town have told me to get an electric fence of some sort, which I agree with...

I have a friend who works at ElectroBraid and can possibly give me a good discount on their products. The only thing is, I can only see that they have it marketed towards "horses." http://www.electrobraid.com/electric-horse-fence/

Would it be a bad idea for me to get this kind of fencing? I'm new to this and I don't want to harm any animals.

Thank you.
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We have 3 goats that we move around on our property to clean up wooded areas and thickets. We use portable electric netting with a solar powered charger. In a couple of the setups I have set up the electric netting on 3 sides butting up to existing Electrobraid horse fencing for the 4th side. We use 4 strands of Electrobraid for the horse fences. The goats have never gone thru the Electrobraid.

I really like the Electrobraid for horse fencing, it goes up fast and is easy to repair if you have a tree come down on it.

I am actually considering using the Electrobraid for a new cow pasture we are putting in this year. Anybody ever tried it with cows?
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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