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In the year 2000 we bought a brand new truck Ford F 350 with a 7-3 Powerstroke diesel. We still have the truck and we decided at that point for a truck used on the farm every day running about feeding where you need to turn the engine on and off etc diesel is never the way to go. If you have a big class 4 or class 5 diesel for heavy towing that is great but you will need another truck for you run about daily jobs for sure. We have a Chevy with an Allison transmission and 8.1 gas engine and that truck will do some impressive towing. We also have a Ford f350 V10. A lot of dairy farms around here transition from having all diesel trucks back to having some gasoline engine pickups. I am amused at the people around here that use an F 450 for their daily driver and have never towed or hauled anything a Chevy s10
Could not tow or all or haul
1 - 2 of 54 Posts
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