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Changed Direction on Hay Wagons for Grapple

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After all of my planning with running gears the past few months to make better hay wagons for use with a grapple, this flatbed trailer kind of fell into my lap for less than two hay wagons were going to cost. I think I am going to like it.

These are 5x5 bales that are going to be wrapped and saved as balege, and consequently very heavy. I am guessing 2500+ lbs per bale and we have 20 bales on there for a total of around 50,000 lbs. I didn't bale them but my son is moving them for a buddy since we have a sweet setup now. I purchased the GMC General at an estate auction a few months ago. It has an 855 Cummins Big Cam in it with low miles and good farmer care over the past 10+ years. Hoping to bale small squares next week and see how this works with the grapple. I may never finish those hay wagons now. :)

Wheel Cloud Sky Tire Land vehicle
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Nice setup now your in business. Semis work good and your not working the snot out of them like a pickup and gooseneck. As long as you have good access to fields. Day cab with a 40 foot flat with sliding rear tandem works good. I have a 45ft. spread sometimes not as maneuverable. Just make sure you secure your loads.
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With the slide on the 5th wheel don't go to far forward, you can catch you truck frame on the trailer frame if you go through a ditch and turn. The old trailer I had had sliding tandem on the back so you could shorten the wheelbase, I don't know maybe 5 or 6 feet.
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