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The recommendated way to remove the rolls on the takeup arm is the following.

Remove all tension from the large springs on the side. Disconnect the springs from the takeup arm.

Loosen the valve completely on the bottom of the right tension cylinder. Disconnect tension cylinders from take up arm.

Disconnect the bale size linkage. Take care not to let the links fall or damage to the potentiometer may happen.

Connect a sling to one of the roller and a loader and rotate the takeup arm upwards.

There are two holes on each side of the tailgate side sheets near the top of the takeup arm arc. Align roll mounting bolts with those holes. Remove bolts through these holes to remove rolls from baler.

The way I remove these rolls is to attach a hose, used to charge the tension system, to the tension system connector behind the gauge. Loosen the valve at the base of the right tension cylinder completely. I have a separate manual shut off valve that I install between the charging hose and the tractor couplers. I raise the takeup arm by using the tractor hydraulics to rotate the takeup arm upwards. When the bolts are accessable from the holes in the side sheets of the tailgate, I close the shut off valve. Do not depend on the tractors hydraulics to hold the takeup arm in position. As an added safety factor, I would recommend removing the springs from the takeup arm.
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