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Your tedder is a Kuhn and is also the same as an early model NH 163 manual fold.

There are no shortcuts to it, the whole think has got to come apart. The worst part is going to be timing the rotors. I have never had to replace that shaft, but the way it looks, I would install the shaft into the gearbox and slide the right rotor support along with the right center rotor gearbox into place and bolt to the gearbox. At this point the gear #5 can be slid into the gearbox, be sure the key does not fall out. Slide the bearing #2 only partially into the gearbox housing so it can be removed later. Install the coupler to drive the wing but do not pin it, use a bolt to hold it in position for now. Install the right wing and fold into place and see if the rotors are in time. If not you will need to remove the bearing and slide the gear # 5 back out and turn that rotor until those to rotors are in time. Be sure the key for the gear does not fall out of the slot and into the gerbox.

Once the right side is in time the rest of the timing should go easier. Time the left center rotor to the right center rotor and and install the gear and bearing and drive hub. If you started out correctly the left rotor should be in time with the center rotor.

There may be easier ways but this is the way it appears to me. Trying to keep the gear #2 in the right housing as you remove the old shaft and install the new shaft will not work unless you are exactly lined up with the keyway. The key falls out easily.
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