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Short back story here - I decided in 2020 I was going to start farming our land again instead of renting it out just to the lack of caring of the person who was renting it, a tree would fall down and they would just mow around it, so after spending a month cutting up trees and getting back about 2.5 acres I said enough is enough. My grandpa farmed after he retired from the airforce & parker Hannifin for 41 years and he passed away when I was 9 years old (1995) however I spent PLENTY of time with him doing hay , including driving his 886 /w the 12' swing arm mower. The field hasn't been reseeded since may of 1987. I figured due to the fact there was less than 10% alfalfa left and pretty much grass / weeds which was great for selling to goat people, however not so great for me at 670 bale (50# small squares) yield off a 24 acre field - I decided I wanted to turn it into a lush hayfield again. After working the soil up adding some fert to it and now seeding it - here we are.

I need a little bit of help here there's not a ton on the internet on exactly everything that should be happening with a new alfalfa / grass stand. I'm a little worried there might be something up with the seed I have. First time reseeding a field - I tired to do everything correct however there's still the thing in the back of your head!

I planted here in southern Michigan a 60% Alfalfa Mix / 20% Orchard Grass / 20% fescue mix on April 23rd. 44 acres to be exact with a Brillion SS-12 Seeder - I was shooting for 20# per acre seeding and I ended up with based on what I had left over about 19.2# per acre so close. (Seed company recommended 16-20# millborn seeds "the stockman"
Alfalfa Grass Mix Seed - The Stockman - Millborn Seeds.

I am getting a little worried that something is up because its just not growing like I think it would. A lot of older videos I've seen on YouTube has that 50-65 day shot where its getting to the point of being about ready to be cut and there is no way in the world mines going to make it to that in that period of time with the current situation. I've seen some videos where the stand after 3 weeks is about 4-5 inches tall. Currently as of today 90% of my alfalfa in the field is through the soil and is JUST starting to make its 3rd leaf but its literally not taller than 1/3 of inch AT BEST going on Day 17. The first week after I seeded it was on the colder side however since that week its been 65+ degrees ... Today it was 88* with 91* heat index. I am seeing growth but my plants are so far behind its a bit spooky for me. I found walking around 3 of the "old" alfalfa plants that somehow lived through x2 killings (full rate of 51% glpy) and those alfalfa plants 5-6 inches right now. No other real weed growth anywhere, there is some stray grass but I'm okay with that since there's obviously grass in this mix.

I was thinking maybe I've got a nutrient problem however all my soil tests are okay - In both fields I planted which both fields are growing exactly the same. The 6.2PH in my field closest to my house id say looks slightly better than the 7.3 PH field but about the same.

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Road surface Asphalt Groundcover Grass Pattern

This is above was taken on the 10th , and today I've noticed most of them as I said above have their "3rd" leaf growing out of the middle but are still about this size.

Any help/advice here would be much appreciated maybe I'm just freaking out for no reason since its the first time I did this. I was going to go with Pioneer seed however it was like pulling teeth with all my local people on buying the seed from the local farmers , not sure i love that model and the people at millborn seed seemed pretty decent and was very easy to get and priced pretty reasonable I thought too (standard $250/bag)
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