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Both of my grandfathers were farmers. My paternal grandpa had a large Ertle toy tractor collection he was known for. One year for Christmas my dad made him a display of the tractors and equipment they used when they used to farm hay together. My dad made a shelf for it with an engraving that said "Lizer Hay Machines." It went up on the wall in the toy tractor room. Included in this was an exact replica my dad made of the homemade hay wagon they had used. He made it very detailed, inspired by the Precision collector line of Ertle.

When my grandpa died, my dad took the display and put it up in his office at work. My dad died in 2018 and the tractors and equipment got boxed up and sat in my mom's basement and the shelf was tossed out by his employer.

This summer I took the box of stuff home. I scavenged some barn wood from my maternal grandpa's farm and built a shelf for the display. I took some rusty hinges I found there and welded them in a 90 degree angle to make shelf brackets. I had a new engraving made for it as well. Now I am the third generation to have this display and both of my hay farming grandfathers (and dad) have some sort of representation in it. Besides the fact that it is now a nice family heirloom, it is nice decor for the living room as well.
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Very cool Josh!
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