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  1. Weather Talk
    What is your favorite weather app or weather forecast source that you find most accurate?
  2. Alfalfa/Hay
    Looks like I finally have a few days with no rain predicted, but they're saying 25 mph winds for the next two days. What do you think? If I get the hay on the ground today, will the wind blow it into the canyon tomorrow?
  3. Weather Talk
    Article in High Plains Journal on drought conditions.... Excerpt: Bledsoe often gets questioned about what is going on with the drought. In areas near Colorado--the western High Plains, western Kansas, western Nebraska and parts of the Corn Belt--those areas have real issues, he said. Recent...
  4. Weather Talk
    Well we hav had some rain and snow the last of December. I went out the other day and there are still 1/2" cracks in the pasture. Ponds are still down as well as the area lakes. Hope 2013 is a better year.
  5. Weather Talk
    According to Purdue Agronomy Farm data set, 2012 is the driest spring-early summer & the driest year since 1988. It is also the warmest spring-early summer on record & the warmest year on record (so far). 2012 rainfall deficit is over 8″ in Lafayette, 9″ at the Agronomy Farm (according to...
1-5 of 5 Results