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  1. Machinery
    I’ve got a M8040 Vermeer mower and I’m having issues with the hex shaft breaking. It’s a 2 piece shaft and I’ve replaced it 2 separate times this season and the last time was today 8-23. I’ve maybe mowed 10 acres and it’s broke again. I’m using a 4ish foot breaker bar to tighten the big nut and...
  2. Machinery
    Hi all, I just received my (new) Vermeer TM610 hay mower. Everything about it is working excellently, except that I'm having an issue with an un-mowed strip at times (inconsistently, though often the same spot in the field), seemingly no matter how much I overlap. It happens on the left-hand...
  3. Machinery
    Hello everyone, I was wonder does anyone have a 09 Vermeer 504 m classic parts manual thank you.
  4. Machinery
    I was wondering if anyone had any experience working on a 605K Vermeer. We have put new belts on the baler and cannot get the belts to tighten up. We have put air in the air bags, adjusted the tense on the baler but no luck. The belts are cut to length from the factory so it shouldn’t be a...
  5. Machinery
    I recently purchased a used Vermeer Rebel 5400 round baler and have a question regarding the twine arms. When I retract the twine arms and then run them back out, the twine in one or both twine arms retracts back inside the tubes. As I've been going through and servicing I've replaced the...
  6. Machinery
    I have a Vermeer TD200, Hydraulic fold. It bounced and slid into a fencerow and by the time I got the tractor stopped it was too late. The one side bent backwards right at the inner basket bracket housing. Does anyone have any recommendations or insight on how to take this think apart? Or...
  7. Machinery
    Curious if anyone has had any experience with one of these rakes. Pros/Cons? My entire fleet of equipment is Vermeer due to dealer support and being well built. I currently am running a Vermeer R23 bar rake. This rake is amazing, though it just doesn't work the best for my odd shaped fields. I...
  8. Machinery
    I'm brand new to the group and am in need of help. I have a new Vermeer M7040 disc mower. It plugs up on the end of the bar in tangled alfalfa just going a certain direction. It will accumulate on the end until I raise it up to dump it. Dealer said I needed the wheel on the wheel that acts...
  9. Machinery
    I have a vermeer 605K baler with an vermeer equal-fill/ autotie monitor. The the open gate symbol keeps popping up, hit the lever and soon it pops up again, but the gate is shut. how do i fix that?
  10. Machinery
    First post on the forum but I've been on here reading stuff for awhile. I've searched this topic, but can't find anything current as most of the posts I find are 5-6 years old. I'm looking at upgrading my hay equipment. I've got a 60 acre coastal field in Granbury, TX and mainly bale hay for...
  11. Belt routing

  12. Machinery
    I had to change out a belt roller and had to bleed off the pressure on the density cylinders in order to remove the cylinder pins. Now after the new roller was installed I do not get any pressure to the pressure control valve. I have loosened all of the JIC fittings at both cylinders and open...
  13. Machinery
    Im fixing to go look at a 554 XL Vermeer baler and I belive it say accu baler on it and it has monitor with it . What all is baler capable of doing with monitor and what are good and bads about them . I just sold my 504 super G so this will be a big upgrade for me . I am bailing around 3-400...
  14. Machinery
    I,m looking to replace my New Holland 790 net-wrap baler with a new Vermeer. The New Holland could bale at speed upwards of 10 mph with bales remaining uniform. I find the NH baler too light- the Vermeer looks to be a heavier baler. Just wondering how others' experiences with the Vermeer have...
  15. Machinery
    I am thinking about getting a new wheel rake. I currently have a New Holland 57 pto driven rolabar rake and I love it. I started doing over half of my rolls in haylage last year and the rake never has a problem making a windrow no matter how thick. The only issue is I am only getting 8.5 feet...
  16. Machinery
    Does anyone have any first hand experience with the newer vermeer tedders with the hook tines? I'm looking for a new 6 basket tedder and am considering the vermeer TE250. Do the hook tines really work any better than the other brands out there? Do they really dry the hay any faster? I'd be...
  17. Machinery
    Has anyone used the the new Vermeer 540 Pro baler
  18. Machinery
    What round bale size?What round bale size does everyone bale with 4 by 52438.71% 4 by 6812.90%5 by 546.45%5 by 61930.65%4 by 4711.29%
  19. Machinery
    Looking at for a new rake, what do you guys prefer wheel or rotary? It will be ran in corn stalks mostly, and some hay. ALso do those plastic rings on wheel rakes work? ***Side note; most fields won't have chopped stalks thanks
  20. Machinery
    Does anyone know if the new E-Link Pro Monitor could be used with say a 604 Super M??? I believe it comes standard with the Cornstalk special.
1-20 of 24 Results