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  1. Machinery
    I bale a lot of baleage and have a v rake that doesn't work very well in heavy material. I was wondering what everyone else was using and why? I am thinking of trading my v rake for a 9 or 12 ft merger. Or would a rotary rake work better?
  2. Machinery
    Looking at for a new rake, what do you guys prefer wheel or rotary? It will be ran in corn stalks mostly, and some hay. ALso do those plastic rings on wheel rakes work? ***Side note; most fields won't have chopped stalks thanks
  3. Machinery
    Okay guys - I need some insight on v rakes, kinda quick. Here's the situation: I currently run a NH 256 bar rake, but the local dealership has an H&S 8-wheel v rake. I have some friends who us v rakes and absolutely love them. I also know some guys that have used them and don't care too much for...
1-3 of 3 Results