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  1. Machinery
    I'm looking to deal on some Equipment with a dealer in Pennsylvania. Name is Gunther Heussman, specializes in late model used equipment. I'm in NC and was hoping someone could give tell me about the outfit. Hate to drive 12 hours one way and be disappointed. Everything sounds real straight...
  2. Machinery
    A new Youtube video I just posted, highlights of (7) Demco 650 gravity wagons I've shot selling on recent farm auctions across state of Iowa: Pete www.machinerypete.com
  3. Machinery
    My attention on late model used Combine values next couple days...tomorrow covering farm auction in McIntire, IA with (2) 2011 JD 9870 STS machines (ton of other late model BIG stuff), then Thursday I'll be at Ritchie Bros. auction near Chicago where they have 50+ later model Combines on that...
1-3 of 3 Results