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  1. Machinery
    Any opinion is a good opinion, I have a John Deere 568 and it has been a good baler but I am getting close to 25,000 bales on it and am needing to upgrade while there is still a little value left..... I do about 3000 bales of hay and 1500 bales of straw each year on one baler.... I heard from a...
  2. Market Talk
    Looking to see what pricing is running on bright straw delivered to Maryland on flatbed truck. We only want to buy small bales in bundles. (21) we buy about 10,000 bales a year. Must be good dry straw used for erosion control. I currently have a good supplier just checking to see where the...
  3. Alfalfa/Hay
    Alot of folks dont like Bale Bandits, but ive got a contract with a farm supply store and cant say how easy these Bale Bandits make my life easier, anyone out there have a Bale Bandit or know someone that does, please call or e-mail me, I need bundles in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming or any...
  4. Barns, Buildings, and Storage
    Has anyone ever heard of Hay Caps? They cover large square bales of any size covering hay or straw. Keeps the water off and the quality and price up. If you use them correctly they should last atleast 10 years and they cost nearly the same as tarps do. To order give me a call at 419-890-5075
  5. Machinery
    I am looking into a 2006 Case IH lbx 432. Right now I have 40 acres of alfalfa, 70 acres or grass and I bale 1500 acres of wheat straw. I have a Hesston 4900 baler I use and have had good luck with, I actually bought another 4900 this fall because we plan to increase our custom acres. The...
  6. Market Talk
    We are getting equipment ready for this summer. Doing close to 2,000 ton of wheat straw and some custom alfalfa. We don't have to market the hay but the straw we do. Prices seem hard to figure right now and dairies and feedlots are all over the place. Anybody out there bale straw or have...
  7. Machinery
    I bale several thousand bale of straw a year and I am currently looking to add another baler. I run a 540 CIH right now which is the same as the NH 575. I love the capacity of this baler but isn't the most consistent baler I've seen. Also looking into the maneuverability of the inline as I have...
1-7 of 7 Results