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  1. Machinery
    Does anyone know anything about, or have any experience with, a Long 680 small square hay baler?
  2. Machinery
    Found this article today from GRIT magazine. Very interested in feedback from you guys (and gals) who have gone through this process and how you decided... http://www.grit.com/farm-and-garden/crops/hay-baler-zm0z14jfzsmi
  3. Machinery
    I have a case square baler SB541. I am having trouble getting my bales to come out 3' even. Can anyone give me any suggestions? I've got the win-rose correct, but that's not it. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there something I could adjust?
  4. Machinery
    I would like to get into the custom hay business. I don't have a lot of capital and can't get a loan. I have a Ford 3000 Tractor and recently found a John Deere 14T square baler for $500. I realize that its probably not the best baler to use to get into custom hay but I need to start with...
  5. Machinery
    Okay everyone, I am new to posting on forums and the like. I have a small hobby farm that I make my own hay from about 50 acres. Its just my wife, my two kids (too small to help) and myself. I am looking for an easier way to pick up the square bales out of the field without spending a ton of...
1-5 of 5 Results