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  1. Weed and Pest Management
    I just got a 200 gal 30 ft boom sprayer.. Didn't want to drop another $1500 for the foam marker. Any recommendations for a GPS tracker.. Anyone download and use an app for their android? I'd like to use something that you can program your width and it will show you where you've been.
  2. Machinery
    Like several others on the site I have been looking for a newer sprayer with bigger booms. In my search I have come across a few smaller spra-coupes (220) that are in the same price range, other than having a smaller tank and having to fill up more often I think this could be beneficial getting...
  3. Alfalfa/Hay
    Hello. After a torturous summer in the Rockies, I am trying to build my own hay preservative sprayer. I have everything done but can't seem to get the pump right. I have tried two: One of them didn't have the GPM it needed, and the other had an automatic on/off switch that would make the...
1-3 of 3 Results