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  1. Machinery
    We have been putting up just shy of 10,000 small square straw bales using a Case IH 8520 inline baler and 1037 and 1033 new Holland stack wagons for a few years, and this year purchased an older stackcruiser and I started doing alfalfa. I plan on expanding the small square operation to...
  2. close Up alfalfa 5-15-17

    Close-up of alfalfa baled on 5-15-17. First cutting of the year.
  3. Machinery
    After a couple of seasons of struggling with solo small square baling using the old NH s68, I realized I really needed to get a baler with a thrower. So I just picked up a JD 24T with a thrower for a pretty decent price. The knotters look to be in good shape, everything for the most part seemed...
  4. Making Hay while the sun shines

    Making hay while the sun shines - so true!
  5. Full Moon over the field

    What a great night to be out in the field!
  6. Making Square bales

    The romantic sound of the baler is heard during hay seasons for days - lovingly making these bales for the horses that devour it!
  7. Time to stack 'em!

    Best to have them stacked and covered before any moisture hits them...we make sure this is a quick process and have great success keeping them dry!
  8. Alfalfa/Hay
    The general manager for the co-op that my wife and I both work for asked us if we would be interested in baling his hay this next season. I believe it is mostly grass (brome, orchard, bluegrass, and most likely some fescue) and maybe a little clover. His field is about 8 acres and 5 miles from...
1-9 of 9 Results