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  1. Machinery
    I have a market research question for hay producers, particularly those raising hay for horses. We have about 40 acres of alfalfa/orchard grass from which we bale about 10,000 small square bales a year for sale to people with horses (except any bad hay we round bale and feed to the cows). We...
  2. close Up grass Mix 5 24 17

    Close-up of grass (mostly alfalfa and orchard grass in this field). 1st cutting. A long ways to go to complete 1st cutting of our fields--over 360 acres of grass mix.
  3. grass Mix bale 5-15-17

    1st cutting of our grass mix. This field is mostly alfalfa and orchard grass. Cut only half of the 40 acre field. Once this field is completed only 360 acres to go to complete the first cutting!
  4. Machinery
    Hi everyone, a month ago bought a new small square baler New Holland BC5070, we have baled aprox. 1200 bales with it. As i was finishing up a field, i tried to lift the hydraulic pickup reel, and it wouldn't move. After a closer look, I noticed a loose bolt and other missing bolts on the left...
  5. Machinery
    I want to get into the small square market. Currently only putting up big squares. The big equipment makes it impossible to bale all of the very corners of flood checks, so I am getting some early stand loss on alfalfa in the corners. I irrigate in far West Texas, desert climate. Cuttings...
1-5 of 5 Results