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  1. Custom Harvesting
    I have been baling small square hay bales for several years for myself. One day while I was baling a guy stopped and ask me if I could bale his Bermuda hay. There will be about 10 acres and it is about 20 miles away. He said that he would cut, fluff and row the hay up. The only thing I have to...
  2. Some hay at the stacks

    Just some of our Small Squares put up at the stack for pickup.
  3. Alfalfa/Hay
    Got another question for the experts out there. Back round information: NE Ohio, small square bales broken up to feed horses inside their stalls. Over the years no matter what we have tried to keep our hay healthy during the winter and spring. We have tried visquine under the bottom row...
  4. General Ranching
    Wonder what you look for in hay?... Do any of you feed round and big squares bales or are you only in the market for small square bales? Do you have it tested or just go by look and smell? What type of hay do you prefer...timothy, alfalfa/grass mix, just alfalfa, just grass...please let us...
1-4 of 4 Results