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  1. self-propelled bale wagon 01

    self-propelled bale wagon 01

  2. milstak self-propelled big bale stacker 002

    milstak self-propelled big bale stacker 002

  3. Machinery
    Hello, This is my first post. I will be a first time hay farmer in 2015. I'll be haying about 75 acres in the Southern Tier of New York State. I'll be using some older equipment because....well...... that's just the way I am... I have a Hesston 6550 windrower with a 12' head and 2500...
  4. Machinery
    Like several others on the site I have been looking for a newer sprayer with bigger booms. In my search I have come across a few smaller spra-coupes (220) that are in the same price range, other than having a smaller tank and having to fill up more often I think this could be beneficial getting...