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  1. Market Talk
    Anyone seeing sluggish hay sales, particularly in the small squares market? We are located in west central Illinois and comparing with last year at this time, our sales are down 70%. Our main market is small squares and most of our customers are horsey folk. We should have had a few semi loads...
  2. Market Talk
    :) Howdy! What has been your largest single order of hay from a customer? Did you have any problems filling the order or with delivery? Just curious! Your views always appreciated! Always, Gene
  3. Market Talk
    Our hay business is located in the Midwest and as most know, we have had an unusually mild winter, at least up to this date. Our hay sales have been really down and especially with our small squares. I have had customers come and get a few bales and then tell me that they are putting their...
  4. Agri-Business
    Anyone here use craigslist to get their word out about anything. Maybe Livestock Sales, Hay Sales, or like in my case, Equipment sales? I use it a lot, but it seems like lately, whenever I post or renew my ads, they keep getting flagged for removal. It's frustrating, I'm merely trying to use...
  5. Market Talk
    This is probably a petty topic but I'm just curious if anyone else has had people steal photos from their posted classified ads. A couple months ago, a photo from one of my Craigslist ads was stolen and used with an ad for hay from a producer in IA. Today, I just found another photo that was...
  6. Market Talk
    I've been part of a hay operation in IL for about 2 years. I help produce the hay as well as market the hay. This year, we put up over 52,000 small squares of hay--straight alfalfa and grass mix. I've been watching the markets and have seen how certain markets (like the price of milk) will...
1-6 of 6 Results